Saturday, June 6, 2015

21 Day Sugar Detox--CHECK!

I have completed Diane Sanfilippo's (Practical Paleo) 21 Day Sugar Detox. Overall: success! There was one day that I was sick with a sore throat so I drank a Zip Fizz for all the vitamins and a little caffeine kick. And it actually made my stomach hurt when I drank it.

What I've learned:
1. There is sugar in almost EVERYTHING!  There really isn't many packaged items that don't have some sort of sugar added.

2. To cook!!! Well, kind of...It still makes me super nervous and stressed, but the recipes were so easy to follow and I made sure I was food prepping for the next meal any free time I had to ensure a smooth outcome. I made Chicken Pot Pies and they were sooooo good! I didn't even know that you could make those. I thought some machine made them and put them in a box labeled "Marie Calendar's". I also don't know if I will ever go back to store bought ketchup and mustard again for barbecues.

How I Feel:
Great! It took some getting used to not having my Zip Fizz or Spark before workouts, but now I don't think I'll use them unless it's an emergent situation. I also was really nervous about being able to sleep at night without my dose of Benadryll, but I found that I actually slept better. 

How I Look:
Pretty much the same. Which I'm okay with. I wasn't doing this to lose weight. However, my abs have made a few appearances which is pretty exciting to me since Baby P just turned 6 months old.

B told me that my skin looked better! I always deal with skin problems. I'm a picker and I can always tell that I've been glutened (aside from my horrible stomach pain and bloating) by the big cystic zits on my jawline and neck. I do feel like I've had less to cover up with concealer. Most days I was able to get by with just some tinted moisturizer. When you've had troubled skin your whole life, this is the dream!

B looks great! Last he told me, he had lost around 15 pounds! I'm so proud of him. I know how hard it was for him to give up beer for three weeks! Ha!

How I Survived:
I premade a lot of food. I tried to always have veggies cut up and easy to grab. I had lots of nuts on hand and even discovered a newfound love for pistachios. I cooked up batches of bacon, steamed sweet potatoes, and hard boiled eggs for quick meals in the morning when life is crazy. I drank lots of water and herbal tea (thank you Steeping Leaf) for staying well hydrated.

The Downside:
I was breastfeeding while doing this and also still working out pretty hard. The author gives great recommendations for energy modifiers for someone like me and I tried to keep up with it, but wasn't always great about getting my extra carbs. At Baby P's 6 month check up we found out that she is not growing the way she should so had to start supplementing with formula. Is it because of the detox? Maybe, but at my own fault. But also, I stopped producing milk with my first baby at 3-4 months so it may have absolutely nothing to do with this challenge.

Now What?
B and I have both agreed that we feel great and will continue to eat this way for the most part, but allow ourselves a few treats now and then. I will probably eat some fruit again since you can only have green apples, green tipped bananas, and grapefruit on the detox. I'll also add in a few of my supplements. I love my protein powder and it doesn't have any artificial sweeteners. 

What Am I Excited To Eat?
Honestly, I'm not really craving anything. This is huge! We're walking to our favorite Mexican restaurant tonight so we can have some chips and a margarita or two, but even that kind of sounds eh. I do know that I'm going to take it easy because if I reach for the ice cream and chocolate all the time because I can, I'll be right back where I was. Also, my stomach is not used to those kinds of food and I'd much rather not have stomach issues.

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