Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New & Not So Improved Website

Hey, everyone!

It was just brought to my attention by a friend that didn't make sense.  Having done so many of their workouts, I just pull my own exercises and make a workout based on their format of 3 rounds of 4 exercises at 50 seconds active, 10 seconds rest.  This makes the 12 minutes. So when I went to their website to see what she was talking about, I was greeted by a much different website than I was used to and thought was awesome.  Boo!  But, they must have their reasons for changing their easy to follow videos for confusing step by step pictures and changing their name?  Anyway, to get to the workouts that I'm familiar with, click on the tab labeled "archive".  This takes you to the old website and you can just click on one of the pictures (all the workouts have names modeled after songs or sexiness) and look at the workout.  The gal talks a lot at the beginning and the end and she can be kind of annoying so I apologize in advanced for that.  Here's how I would do it.  I would have a notebook and pen handy and write down the name of the exercises that she does.  If you don't know the name, just write it down in a way that you'll remember what exercise it is (ie. push up spiderman thingys).  Listen to her directions because she will tell you how long you do each exercise for and how many rounds.  Most of the time, it is the format I mentioned about.  If there are more than four exercises, chances are you are doing less amount of rounds.  Once you have what the workout is written down, you need to get a stop watch or an app on your phone (I use Interval Timer). You are doing the workouts on your own, not with the video.  The video is just to show you what the workout is. 

I'm really sad that they changed everything up.  I'm sorry if this is confusing.  Maybe I'll just have to start doing my own workout videos. ;)  Until then, here are some simple workouts below.  If you don't know what the exercise is, Google it.  :)

Each one you do for three rounds, 50 seconds active, 10 seconds rest

Workout 1 (this is the Fit Test on BodyRock)
*push ups
*tricep dips on couch
*sit ups

Workout 2
* jumping jacks
*alternating lunges

Workout 3
*jump rope (if you don't have one, pretend)
*mountain climbers
*push ups

Workout 4
*high knees
*tricep dips on couch
*sit ups

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