Friday, August 31, 2012

Fit Test and Other Stuff...

So I must admit that this last two weeks have been less than stellar for me as far as eating and working out goes.  My in-laws were in town and what to people do when they have people visiting?  They eat out.  A LOT.  They also don't find time or motivation to keep up with their workout routines.  Maybe this is just me.  *sigh*

When I have inactive times like this, it is so hard for me to get motivated to get back into the swing of things.  I still did my running club, but my muscle building activities and yoga poses were tucked away in some dark place.  In order to kick start it, I redid the Fitness Test that I got from to see just how far the last month has taken me and I must say, I was delightfully surprised by the results.  Even though I hadn't worked out all that well the last couple of weeks, the work that I did put in before that really helped.  I can't imagine what my results would have been had I not taken the time off.

My challenge to you today is to do the Fit Test for yourself to see where you are and then do it again in a few weeks for a sweet surprise (if you work out).

Fit Test:

I have an app on my phone called Interval Timer (free).  It allows me to set it for an alarm to go off after 50 seconds and then again after 10 seconds and I can have it repeat this as many times as you wish.  You can just look at a clock or watch with a second hand but it makes it more difficult because you're constantly watching the clock.

First up is squats.  Do these with no weight for the Fit Test.  Make sure you are keeping your back straight.  Even though you are doing it for time, it is important to keep proper form.  That means no bent back, no knees over your toes.  If you need the extra help, you could sit down on the end of a chair and get back up using only your legs.

Next is push ups; man or woman style.  I did it on my knees because my stomach still feels a little funny when I do them man-style because of the cesarean section I had just five months ago.

Then it comes to tricep dips.  I put my hands on the edge of the couch seat and have my legs out in front with feet on the floor and then lower yourself so that your elbows make a 90 degree angle.  The closer your feet are to your butt, the easier it will be.  To make it harder, go straight-legged.

Last is crunches.  These are your normal, knees bent with feet on the floor, hands cradling your hear crunches. Make sure to have proper form on these as well.

Your set will look like this:  squats, push ups, tri dips, crunches, squats, push ups, tri dips, crunches, squats, push ups, tri dips, crunches.  Rest 10 seconds between each exercise.  The whole Fit Test should take 12 minutes.  Have fun!

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