Friday, January 24, 2014


Who doesn't love a good vacation, right? My hubby and I celebrated our third year wedding anniversary on the 19th so we decided to get away (childless) for the week. We went to Sandpoint, Idaho to have a little ski vacation at Schweitzer Ski  Resort. This is where B and I got engaged, so the area is very special to us.

We also reenacted our first date to Kootenai Falls in Libby, Montana. Isn't it beautiful? There was a lot less ice and snow than the last time we went. :)

Of course, I had to stop and do a pull up on the bridge. Not as easy as it looks since I was wearing snow boots and there was a few inches of a drop off of that concrete.

The real reason I'm writing about this vacation is because it is really hard to eat well and train while on vacation. Here are a few tips I have come up with to make vacations not completely derail any hard work you've been doing.

1. Pack snacks. I had several Larabars and jerky in my purse for the days that we were traveling as well as any breakfasts or snacks that came up. This helped me to not get too hungry and choose less healthy options for convenience.

2. Pack an empty water bottle. Because of the new rules for flying with liquids, you are often forced to buy spendy drinks or water once you get through the security gates. If you pack your own water bottle, you can fill it up at the drinking fountain for free and not be tempted with sugary drinks. However, disregard if you are afraid of tap water. I am not.

3. Research restaurants. Because of my food intolerances, I was really nervous about going to my old favorite restaurants when I couldn't eat the foods I used to get and love. Looking up menus ahead of time made me feel better about the options (or find somewhere else to eat) and helped me not to *gulp* cave in and get the foods that I knew I'd be paying for later. I was delightfully surprised by all the gluten-free options that were available. 

4. Research places to workout. A lot hotels have a work out room in them, which is always nice to utilize if you're pinched for time. Most gyms allow people to pay a drop in fee to work out for the day. I found a CrossFit box that let us workout a couple of times in exchange for buying their t-shirts, which I was wanting to get anyway. We also did a short hike to the Kootenai Falls, walked from our hotel in Sandpoint to downtown to explore the shops and not worry about finding parking. And, of course, we skied! A lot of times I look up running trails in the area we're visiting because I think it is a great way to explore. We didn't do that this time, but that is always a really fun thing to do. 

And lastly, HAVE FUN!!!

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