Monday, May 6, 2013

Have a Plan!

For a big part of my workout career, I would show up to the gym with a workout in mind, but no specifics. I didn't want to carry around a notebook or paper for fear that I would look like a gym newbie. Now I don't leave home without a very specific workout in mind. I have a game plan. I visualize the layout of the gym and the way I will rotate through my workout. I even plan for certain equipment to be occupied and where I can go back and fit that particular exercise in.  I also have alternatives planned in case a particular machine is broken or I can't squeeze in between people's usage.

The point of having a game plan is this:  Once you get to the gym, you're more likely to push yourself hard if you are seeing the workout of the day.  You won't accidentally forget to work a particular muscle.  You are even less likely to lose the motivation than if you just walk into a gym and decide on the spot to do.

I just planned my workouts for the next four weeks by dividing each day into a muscle group or two.  This way I know that I am targeting as many muscles as hard as I can throughout the week.  I have a really strong chest, so I love to sit at my beloved bench press as much as possible when in reality, I have no need for strong pecs when my super weak back muscles get neglected.  For me, bench press isn't really even a functional exercise so you'll notice that I don't even do it anymore and that I work that area by push ups and dumbbell incline chest press because it works my shoulders a little as well.  I try to either change my weight lifting program completely or increase the weight every 4-6 weeks.  However, if I'm not sore the next day, the weight goes up for the next week.  I love being sore everyday because I know that I'm working hard and getting results that I want.

I got sick of rewriting workouts everyday and flipping through my notebook that is all tattered from being in my gym back and usage that I decided to get some big note cards and laminate them.  They now have a super easy way to laminate where it's all pre-cut and you just pull the sticker part off and press the sides together.  Now I have a much more durable workout list that I'm not writing on all the time.  The only disadvantage that I've come across is that I can't make edits on weight or reps, so I guess I'll keep my notebook in my bag in case that situation were to arise.

Even though I have some modifications to the plan right now because of a broken ankle, here's my week:  (Please note that some of these are machines so my weight is based on that particular machine and its resistance)

***If you have any question about exercises or a workout plan that would work for you, please send my a private message on the Goal: Fit 4 Life Facebook page and I would be more than happy to help you!

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